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BN-1 tackifying resin

Product introduction and Application

1. BN-1 tackifying resin is a kind of thermoplastic non reactive tackifying resin, which is a kind of high-efficiency tackifier.

2. It can be used in any place where high viscosity connection is required, especially in tire side, cord ply, conveyor belt, etc; Especially suitable for butyl rubber, EPDM rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, CIS butyl rubber and other synthetic adhesives.

3. BN-1 tackifying resin not only can obviously improve the viscosity of the rubber, but also has plasticizing, softening and dispersing effects, which is conducive to the uniform dispersion of various powders and improve the comprehensive properties of products.

4. BN-1 tackifying resin is a granulated product, which is easy to weigh and operate. The general dosage is 2-6 parts.

Product Index

Product Index
Light yellow to brown transparent granules
Softening point
Moisture %
Heating reduction%
Hydroxymethyl content %
acid value mgKOH/g

Package and Storage

    25kg (net weight),kraft bag inner PE coated.Kept in indoor,dry and ventilating,protected from heat and fire,the storage life is one year .


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