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Ws vulcanized resin

WL brominated resin

BN-1 tackifying resin

BN-2 tackifying resin

BN-3 super tackifying resin

BN-5 tackifying resin (terpene resin)

FS-12 Chewable (rubber dispersant)

HMT Reinforcing resin, rubber accelerator

FS-12 Series chewing agents (rubber internal release agent, flow agent, silica dispersant)

Rubber adhesive series

About Us

Wuxi Bingwang Chemical Factory (general partnership), old name is Yixing Feng Yi rubber auxiliaries factory (Since 1986), it is located in the scenic Taihu lake, Fengyi Industrial park, Guanlin Town, Yixing City( pottery town). The company attaches great importance to product quality and technology development, and actively interacts with research institutes, developing and producing rubber auxiliaries, chemical grouting materials, latex paint and other products.

Rubber auxiliaries - WS curing resin, WL brominated resin, BN-1 tackifying resin, BN-2 tackifying resin, reinforcing phenolic resin, accelerator HMT, masticatory agent FS-12, Rubber internal release agent FS-12A. These products are used in The tyre capsule, Rubber plug, Conveyor belt, rubber belt, The seals, elastomer, adhesive

For more than 30 years, it has been widely recognized by customers. Including Giti, ZC Rubber, Linglong Tire, Xuzhou Armour Rubber, Hubei huaqiang, Hubei huarun, Wuxi BOTON, Zhejiang Double Arrow, Zhongding Group, Cooper-Standard, Jiangyin Haida, and other famous enterprises.

Among them, WS vulcanization resin was appraised by industry experts as new products in 1990. It can replace imported products.

Acrylic chemical grouting material, developed by Yangtze River Scientific Research Institute, 1990 by the experts organized by the Ministry of energy, science and technology invention and won the award in 1991 by the Jiangxi Wanan hydropower station, Sichuan Baozhusi Hydropower Station, Jiangsu Sanhe lock that many users are practical, the chemical grouting material has the advantages of convenient construction, can control the gelation time and for the water, green environmental protection material, in recent years by the Yangtze Three Gorges Dam project selection.

With the rise of building decoration materials latex paint, enterprises timely grasp market opportunities, and launched Bingwang brand series of interior and exterior latex paint in 2000, which is widely praised by users.

Enterprises actively pursue the enterprise spirit of excellent quality, excellent management, excellent service and excellent innovation, so as to provide better products and better service for the customers.

China Rubber Industry Association rubber assistant Specialized Committee member

Member of China Architectural Decoration Association

Members of the China chemical grouting Committee

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AddFengyi Industrial Park, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China



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