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Ws vulcanized resin

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BN-1 tackifying resin

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FS-12 Chewable (rubber dispersant)

HMT Reinforcing resin, rubber accelerator

FS-12 Series chewing agents (rubber internal release agent, flow agent, silica dispersant)

Rubber adhesive series

FS-12 Chewable (rubber dispersant)

Product introduction and Application

1. Fs-12 is a mixture of internal and external lubricants, active agents and high-grade fatty acid zinc soaps. It is a white columnar granulated product that meets the requirements of environmental protection. It is a high-grade rubber operating dispersant.

2. This product has strong dispersing property and can accelerate the dispersion of carbon black, white carbon black and other fillers. Shorten mixing time, improve mixing efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

3. This product has excellent chewability on the rubber and can better improve the uniformity of the rubber. Improve the compatibility of rubber; Effectively prevent the product from spraying frost; Improve the quality of the compound; Stabilize the quality between batches of products.

4. When this product is added together with the powder during the mixing of the compound, it has no effect on the physical and mechanical properties such as Mooney scorch time, vulcanization speed, hardness, constant elongation stress and tensile strength, and improves the calendering, extrusion and other technological properties of the compound.

5. This product is applicable to NR, SBR, NBR, IIR, EPDM, Br, Cr and other rubbers, and is widely used in tires, rubber shoes, adhesive tapes, rubber tubes, foamed rubber, injection rubber products, etc. The general dosage is 1-2 parts.

6. Fs-12a and fs-12b are also available.

Product Index

Product Index
White column
Heating reduction70棩
Ash1000 棩

Package and Storage

    20kg / bag; The paper plastic composite package lined with plastic bags shall be stored in a dry and cool place for one year.


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