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FS-12 Series chewing agents (rubber internal release agent, flow agent, silica dispersant)

Chew FS-12A

IChemical composition: mixture of surfactant, lubricant and fatty acid calcium soap.

IIQuality Index

Product Index



White, powdery or columnar



Heating reduction70棩%




III Characteristics:

1. The addition of fs-12a to rubber products makes the rubber have better fluidity in the vulcanization process, and the rubber is easier to fill the patterns and edges of the mold, so that the fine and smooth surface can be formed between the product and the mold during the vulcanization process, and the defective rate due to poor fluidity can be reduced.

2. Chewing agent fs-12a can form a bright film on the surface of the product, which can lubricate the bright surface of the product after demoulding, and has the functions of oxidation resistance and cracking resistance.

3. When fs-12a rubber is used for extrusion, it can increase the extrusion speed, improve the surface finish, reduce the mouth expansion, and have good dimensional stability,.

4. Masticator fs-12a has good internal lubrication performance. It can fully disperse and evenly mix various rubber fillers such as carbon black, shorten the mixing time of rubber, improve the vulcanization activity of rubber containing white carbon black and organic pigment, eliminate the influence of white carbon black on vulcanization, prolong the scorch time, and improve the physical and mechanical properties of rubber, that is, the reinforcing effect.

5. Masticator fs-12a has good external lubrication performance for various rubber fillers, improves the process operation performance of rubber, reduces the possibility of rubber sticking to rollers, and does not affect the adhesion and printing of molded products in the subsequent processing.

6. The addition of chewing agent fs-12a in an appropriate proportion has no effect on the physical and mechanical properties and anti-aging properties of rubber products, such as Mooney scorch time, vulcanization speed, hardness, tensile stress and tensile strength.

7. Masticator fs-12a has excellent compatibility with rubber. When used in proper amount, it will not interfere with the vulcanization system. Generally, the formula does not need to be changed.

IV Usage:

1.It is added together with other rubber materials when mixing rubber.

2. The usual usage is 1.5-3 parts of raw rubber.

VPackage and Storage

1.Paper plastic composite packaging lined with plastic bags, 20kg / bag.

2.Store in a dry and cool place, moisture-proof. The storage period is one year. 

Chew FS-12B

Product introduction and Application

1. FS-12B is a white powder (containing small particles) product composed of internal and external lubricants, active agents and high-grade fatty acids zinc and calcium. It is a high-grade rubber operating dispersant.

2. This product has strong dispersing property and can accelerate the dispersion of carbon black, white carbon black and other fillers. Shorten mixing time, improve mixing efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

3. This product has excellent chewability on the rubber and can better improve the uniformity of the rubber. Improve the compatibility of rubber; Effectively prevent the product from spraying frost; Improve the quality of the compound; Stabilize the quality between batches.

4. This product is added together with the powder during the mixing of the compound, which has no effect on the physical and mechanical properties such as Mooney scorch time, vulcanization speed, hardness, constant elongation stress, tensile strength, etc., improves the calendering, extrusion and other process properties of the compound, reduces mold pollution and effectively helps demould.

5. This product is applicable to NR, SBR, NBR, IIR, EPDM, Br, Cr and other rubbers, and is widely used in tires, rubber shoes, adhesive tapes, rubber hoses, foamed rubber, injection rubber products, etc. The general dosage is 1-3 parts.

Product Index

Product Index



White powder (containing small particles)



Heating reduction70棩%




Package and Storage

25kg (net weight),kraft bag inner PE coated.Kept in indoor,dry and ventilating,protected from heat and fire,the storage life is one year .


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